Who We Are

Farmphone is an initiative by Farmveda

A brand owned by the hardworking farmers of India, committed to bringing the purest and freshest seasonal produce to your doorstep.

FarmPhone WhatsApp chatbot delivers farm-fresh seasonal produce sourced directly from the farmers to your home with just a WhatsApp message.

Our mission is simple: to connect you with local farmers and their finest produce, ensuring you experience the very best of each season at the same time helping our farmers to earn more.

Say goodbye to supermarket queues and hello to FarmPhone! WhatsApp us now to order the season’s best flavours available.

Why Choose FarmPhone?

Empower Local Farmers

By choosing FarmPhone, you're supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture. FarmPhone eliminates intermediaries by sourcing the products directly from Farmers and ensuring higher earnings for them. Join us in promoting a healthier planet and a thriving community.

Reasonable price

Ensuring that all our products are reasonably priced is beneficial not only for us but also for the farmers. It allows us to offer fair and competitive prices to our customers while ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work and produce. This approach fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are able to thrive economically.

Enjoy the Seasonal Delight

From indulging in juicy Anjeer (Fig) to the wholesome Groundnuts and Toor dal to the aromatic non-basmati rice and cold pressed oils, we source a variety of seasonal goodness directly from farmers ensuring high quality and freshness.

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Effortless Convenience

Skip the trip to the store or market! Placing an order is as easy as sending a WhatsApp message. Say goodbye to complicated apps and websites – just chat with us on WhatsApp, and your fresh produce will be delivered to your doorstep.

Where do we get Products from

We source the products directly from different farmers associations, some of them are

Sri Satya Sai Raithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation Ananthpur

PrajaMithaRaithu Mutually Aided Cooperative Federation- Adilabad

Dal from Women’s Cooerative in Narayanpet, Telangana

Rice from Chattisgarh farmers

Honey from a tribal cooperative in Ranchi, Jharkhand

How it Works:

1 .Send a ‘Hi’ to our WhatsApp number.

2. Choose your action– New order or Help

3. New Order –

  • Select your Location – Bengaluru or Out of Bengaluru
  • Click on the catalogue button to select products
  • Select the products and quantity desired and add to cart
  • Check out and enter your details(Name, Email Id, Address)
  • Continue to payment
  • Receive an order summary for your confirmation.

4. Help (For existing order)

  • Choose your action - Order Status/Cancel Order/Refund Status/Business Order/Shop at Farmveda website

5. Sit back and relax as we deliver your farm-fresh order to your doorstep.

Ready to add a burst of seasonal goodness to your life? Simply drop us a WhatsApp message, choose your favourites, and with FarmPhone, enjoy the freshest produce while supporting our local farmers. It's not just a meal; it's a meaningful choice for you and our farming community.

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Our Values

Farmers' Stories

Get to know the faces behind your food! Learn about the passionate farmers who work hard to bring you the best of their harvest.

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